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石鹸 the Swedish Beauty 卵白

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Mari-san is a jazz singer with a dreamy voice who happens to be my good co-worker. She is one of those people who can name all the up-and-coming brands and knows where to get them. When I do my research about the city, wheather it’s a new restaurant or a small boutique in Nolita, Mari-san is the first person I go […]

My New Obsession

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

nothing makes me happier than a fresh new pair of shoes. since i discovered DV-Dolce Vita- in Lower East Side, i can’t stop talking about their shoes. DV’s shoes do not only look great (yes i think they look sort of similar to Chloe and D&G etc…) but they are very light weight and comfortable. […]

生 Like a Sex Machine 生

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

NYC Fashion Week is insane. it’s insane that a little girl like me could get into (or dragged into) the after party for Diesel. the entrance was so crowded i almost split in half when my girl friends pulled me into the door at Gotham Hall.
NYC FASHION WEEKは想像よりもずっとすごい。このチビッコのわたしがDieselのアフターに入れてもらえる(というよりはひきずりこまれる)なんて、本当にこの街は狂ってます。 GothamHallのドア付近はありえない混み様で、先を行く友達に手をひっぱられていた私は本当に体が半分にちぎれちゃうかと思ったよ。

ugh… i hate crowded places.i’m sure there were some of […]