Extraordinary Flowers

December 19th, 2010 by saya

This red garbera just totally amazed me so many ways. The color is so bright and vivid it lights up your room. I think it’s at least 3 times bigger than the regular type of garbera.



The craziest thing about this flower is, that it is still fresh after 3 weeks. Not even a petal is fallen as of today. I even love how petals started to curl, showing a bit of color contrast that I didn’t see when it was fresh. I think the regular flowers I know would already been dead to see slow changes like this.



This flower came from a cozy flower shop called “logi” in Omotesando. Its owned by a super nice couple. They told me how the Garbera is specially grown to be strong. But they can’t be mass-produced, and that they take a special care when cutting the stems for the first time to let it absorp as much water as possible.


Because I was so impressed by the garbera, I went to find another unique flower.



Look at this one!! Doesn’t it look like a character from Mario Brothers?



The flower is called King Protea. The form is so distinctive and the stem is so thick it’s almost like a branch of a tree. I was told that this flower drys really beautifully, so again, another flower that will last for a long time.

この花の名前は、キング・プロテア。形も、ものすごく特徴的で、茎は木の枝みたいに太くて強そう。 お店には、この花のドライフラワーがあって、まるでコンクリートで作られてるみたいで、衝撃的だった。聞いてみたら、簡単にドライにできるみたいでとても楽しみ。また、長く楽しめる花ってこと。

I was never a big fan of fresh cut flowers untill I found this flower shop. It’s so much more fun when the flower is strong enough to last for such a long time.  Plus the couple are like flowers themselves. Talking to them brights up my heart, really.

切り花って、実はあんまり好きじゃなかったんだけど、ここのお花屋さんに出会ってからちょっと感覚が変わったも。花自体に力のある品種だから、長く変化を楽しめるなんて、経験した事ないからね。 しかも、logiのご夫妻自体がお花みたいな人たちだから、話を聞いているだけで、心が明るく癒される感じ。photo(4).JPG

I bought a Christmas ornament here. They also have Newyears’ decoration made in fresh flowers. Totally beautiful. The hidden block of sponge absorp water so it stays fresh throughout the new year celebration!



Go visit…!!

logi plants&flowers


tel/fax  03−3498−0115

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