B A L I 2

February 18th, 2011 by saya

In Bali, there are colorful flowers and rice piled inside small plate made of bamboo leaf, placed on the streets.


SUNDRA taught me what these mean.


“In Bali, we believe there are bad spirits. When you do bad things, the bad spirits will come to you. Stealing, deceiving, cheating, hurting, all the bad things. When you continue to do bad things, the bad spirit will take over your body. You become the bad spirit yourself. So you are no longer you. You see?”



“You see, in Bali, we have these little temple at the entrance for all houses or business buildings. People give these offerings to the spirits, so that the bad spirits will not enter our houses. We light inscents, give these plate of flowers and rice, and water. The flower is the food. Spirits eat flowers.”


“So inside the house, it’s safe. No bad spirit, because you pray. So for us, it’s okay to think of bad things, talk about bad things at home. You can be a little bit bad at home, because bad spirits can’t enter our home.”


Bali peole give offering three times a day. It seems so natural, the way they hold a round tray with inscents and offerings, how they sprinkle water with their right hand (the sacred side of your body.) Their movement flows like dancing to the air. Or may be they really dance with something I can’t see.



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